Injection Molding Of The Four Systems

- Jun 05, 2017 -

  1. Injection molding of the four systems are: pouring system, forming system, temperature control system, the top of the system.

  2. The basic flow of the mold design is: read the open model single - product analysis a row of sketches a review of a scheduled material scheduled embryo a detailed map a split a part of a map of a small material

  And standard parts.

  3. Four stages of injection molding: injection, packing, cooling, open mold.

  4. 2D positioning of the eight formulas: the standard shrinking after the mirror, the mold die plus inserts, the behavior of the ramp and the flow channel, thimble water lock screw, guide positioning and installation, transport support can not be small, the appearance of the size, details Illustrated schedules.

  5. The three process conditions for injection molding are temperature, pressure, and time.

  6. Two methods of product analysis with UG are: MPV region method, cloud diagram analysis method.

  7. The main contents of product analysis are: PL surface, inverted buckle, into the plastic, draft angle, stripping angle.

  8. A product length of 150, width of 90, height 30, its safe value: 30-35 before the mold length and width are: 210 * 150 * 60 after the mold length and width as follows: 210 * 150 * 70 The size of the mold embryo is 270 * 300 * 130.

  9. The function of the needle and the ejector plate spring is: the thimble plate is reset.

  10. Internal mold inserts of the three major roles are: to facilitate processing, exhaust, save material.

  11. The six basic components of the row: the position, the presser foot, the oil plate, the inclined pillar, the shovel, the spring, the limit screw.

  12. The inclination of the shovel is generally 2-3 degrees larger than that of the diagonal pillar, because when the mold is opened, it is convenient for the shovel to exit and prevent the stall from being stuck.

  13. The role of wear-resistant plate is: to reduce friction in general what materials DF2, DF3, aluminum bronze.

  14. The stroke decision formula is: stroke S = buckle (2-4).

  15. The runner is usually composed of vertical flow channel, main channel, gate, cold material well.

  16. List of commonly used five kinds of gate: horn into the glue, take into the glue, diving into the plastic, fan into the glue, straight into the glue.

  17. Injection molding machine mold temperature is generally 40 ° to 120 °.

  18. When the product is ejected, the top stroke is: In general, the top point of the product is 10-15mm, and the drums or very high products are at least 2/3 of the product.

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